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The 8th China(Beijing) International Titanium Industry Expo
Copy:Baoji Qicheng Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. | Hits:1360 | Date:2013-9-28

China International Titanium Industry Expo (TIEXPO) is a worldwide grand event jointly held by Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd. and related authoritative associations. China has abundant resource of titanium with the reserve of number one in the world. Since the intergration of global markets, tianium industry has been developed rapidly, meanwhile, it promoted the prosperity of aviation and aerospace, navy ship building, petrochemical, chemistry industry, transportation, weapons, marine, electric power, building, metallurgy, medical treatment and other applied fields. TIEXPO-Hiven Titanium Industry Expo conforms to the development trend of domestic titanium industry, keeps a foothold in China and looks abroad, devotes to build an integrated professional platform of product trading and technology development for upstream and downstream enterprises of global titianium industry, dedicates to realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and improve core competitiveness.
       Under professional operation of the organizers, Baoji Qicheng Non-ferrous Metals Co.,Ltd  will be held at China International Exhibition Center during Oct.16th -18th, 2013, hundreds of famous enterprises will gather here to discuss development of the industry. The organizers will fully integrate the industry resources and geographical advantages, improve service system, and strengthen organization and operation capability. Series of technical seminars and trade fairs will be held during the exhibition, authorititive experts and scholors will be invited to the exhibition. They will give guidance, and discuss the strategy of industry transformation. Baoji Qicheng Non-ferrous Metals Co.,Ltd  sincerely looks forward to meet you in Beijing and enjoys the grand worldwide titanium industry pageant together!

And welcome to Baoji City,which is known as the 'Titanium Valley of China'.



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