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Application of Aerospace&Automotive
Copy:Baoji Qicheng Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. | Hits:1735 | Date:2012-7-1

Titanium excellent feature is mainly refers to the high strength, low density, good corrosion resistance


Titanium alloy has become an indispensable raw material of aircraft airframe and engine. Titanium alloy due to its excellent heat resistance, mainly used in engine and parts, but will be on a plane to expand in the future, due to the use of titanium alloy can reduce aircraft weight, lower fuel costs, so its use proportion increase, later will gradually replace the traditional aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, light weight, strength, good heat resistance and is specified as the best use of material of the plane. Compared to metal titanium and steel, low elastic modulus, density is small, more suitable for the spring class. Titanium spring in predominantly Boeing aerospace has been widely used

Titanium is used extensively for automotive power transmission unit with the car chassis department. The main purpose for the titanium alloy is lightweight and can replace stainless steel, automotive weight reduction is expected to improve the performance of the car itself. The advantages of titanium car,power transmission efficiency or reduce the weight of the fuel savings, Reduce engine noise and vibration load reduction and the reduction of components, the car can be improved durability. Car parts for valves are available in titanium, connecting shaft, valve springs and their support equipment.

International automotive applications department manager Kurt Faller presents some future specific application components such as suspension with coil springs, shock buffers center rod, hanging ear nuts and bolts, the control rod fasteners, driven shaft, the car stopped bracket , broke the door beams, brake caliper pistons, engine link, pin plug, valves, valve springs and retainer.




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