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Medical equipment, operation equipment application
Copy:Baoji Qicheng Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. | Hits:1698 | Date:2012-7-1

Titanium as a new material, in the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, medical implants, and other fields of development used nearly 20 years . But was a great success, and had obtained the remarkable social benefit and economic benefit. Titanium one trait that has good biocompatibility, and can tolerate the harsh physical environment (the body PH value of 7.4), and was chosen as the ideal human implant material, made of titanium artificial femoral head, wrist, knee, artificial dental implant, skull repairing, pacemakers, etc is the most ideal of the human body implants material.

Practice has proved that the body of titanium without rejection, also does not produce clotting phenomena. eep surgery, ophthalmology, thoracic surgeon, is also one of today's medical instrument development direction



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