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  Titanium Sheet
Pure titanium plate, alloy plate, industrial titanium plate, titanium plate
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Pure titanium, alloy bar, rod, square bar, six angle bar, flat bar
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Alloy tube, round tube, square tube, titanium filter, titanium sinter
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Titanium wire, alloy wire, straight wire, wire, wire glasses, jewelry wire
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Titanium alloy flange, flange, titanium parts, titanium screws, Other
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Various types of titanium powder
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Pure nickel, nickel alloys, all types of nickel plate, nickel rod
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Zirconium alloy, zirconium rods, various types of zirconium plate
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Product Name: Titanium Bar
Product Type: Titanium Bar


Titanium bars


Supply States





Heat Processing stated (R)



Cold Processing States(Y)


Annealed state(M)


1.Material: titanium and titanium alloys

2.Size: Φ(5.0mm-350mm) *L (50mm~6000)mm

3.Standard: ASTM B265 ASTM F4911 ASTM F67 ASTM F136

4.Application:Industrial,Medical,aviation,military,salt-making,petrochemical,metallurgy,electronics ,chemical,etc

5. Surface:Black or Polished

6. Sample is available. supply sample for test for free


a:Quality assurance:All of the products are detected by ultrasound making sure that no defects inside the products. Besides , chemical composition, mechanical properties and high-powered organization are also strictly controlled,ensuring our clients get the best products

b:Test:Provide Bao Ti Center Physical and Chemical Test Report or Northwest Institute For Non -ferrous Metal Research Test Report.




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